Zinc Part Design

Zinc Die Cast Assembly

Zinc Die Cast Assembly is another key feature of our success in providing our customers with ready-to-use finished products. Thanks to our efficient work-centers and accumulated experience, we are able to provide world class service, simplify logistics, and reduce cost.

Deco has a variety of automatic screwdrivers, rotatory and belt assembly stations, and hydraulic presses. These resources allow us to leverage our assembly experience and provide rapid and reliable assemblies of every kind.

We work closely with our customers to design precision engineered zinc die castings into sub-assemblies, that can be carried to completion at Deco. Additionally, we will typically take on the responsibility of managing the inventory of any specific purchased components required for completion of the assembly. This allows our customers to receive a completed assembly, ready for production or distribution.

Why Choose Zinc for Assembly?

Zinc alloys are very malleable. Zinc can be formed to join materials and thus, eliminating the need for additional fasteners. By eliminating fasteners you can reduce part count. Therefore, you can lower the cost of your assembly. These zinc characteristics allow for better part design than we could with other materials. 

Call or email us today and learn how working with zinc die casting experts will save you time and money!

Powder Coated Zinc Die Cast Sash Lock - Un-assembled
Deco Products Sash Lock Assembly Line
Zinc Die Cast Twin Arm Operator - Deco Products
Powder Coated Zinc Die Cast Handle
Powder Coated Zinc Die Cast Locking Handle
Zinc Die Cast Glide Tower